What is TPP?


Textured Pea Protein is a regenerative product, cultivated from peas to create high-protein, plant-based meat alternatives. TPP is a naturally gluten and soy free product, with satisfying taste and appealing texture, making it a perfect complement to common ingredients in a wide array of applications.


What makes TPP a regenerative ingredient?

 Puris' Texturized Pea Protein is sourced from naturally bred, non-GMO seeds that are grown by a premier network of certified-organic growers and processed through contamination-free facilities, right here in the U.S. The result - clean, regenerative foods that even the most conscientious eater can love.

TPP Factory


TPP80 is 80% textured pea protein.

Designed to deliver a clean label, high-protein alternative to meat.

Available in organic.



TPP70 is 70% textured pea protein.

Redefines plant-based meat with an uncompromising taste and texture.

Available in organic.

Pea Protein Powder


TPP65 is 65% textured pea protein.

Dish out the best flavor so you don't have to choose between what's good and good for you.

Available in organic.

3 Ways to Use Texturized Pea Protein

Why Purchase PURIS Textured Pea Protein Products?

Sourced Locally

PURIS TPP is grown and made in the U.S.A. - you won't need to worry about where your peas, pea protein or TPP comes from. Our end-to-end process begins with naturally bred non-GMO seeds, continues with our network of certified-organic USA growers, and carries through allergen-free processing facilities. The result is super-clean foods the most conscientious eater can love.


Plant Power

If plant-based protein has left a bad taste in your mouth, prepare to be surprised. PURIS TPP ingredients have some of the highest protein content on the planet with a satisfying taste and appealing texture that redefine what plant-based meats can taste like. With a protein source this delicious, you don't have to compromise between what's good and what's good for you.

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